About 50 photos on the war in Vietnam taken by the late photo-journalist Henri Huet and his colleagues are on display at an exhibition that is opening in France from Feb.9 till April.10.

The event is being held to mark the 40 th ‑ death anniversary of the well-known photographer, who lost his life when the military helicopter he was riding in was shot down over Laos .

The collection captures different aspects in the war from the pain, fatigue, frustration and grittiness to a gamut of emotions.

Highlight of the display is a photo named Thomas Cole, which was used as a cover of LIFE magazine, depicting a young medic of the First Cavalry division, tending other soldiers despite his own injuries.

Sharon, a visitor, said she felt that she was witnessing what happened dozens of years ago when viewing the photos and was impressed with images of American soldiers’ daily life as well as what Vietnamese people had to suffer from.

Henri Huet, who was a half-French and half-Vietnamese, worked for the United Press International (UPI) and then transferred to the Associated Press (AP) during his 20-year career./.