Vietnam wants to receive continued support from international trade unions, contributing to the development and effective operation of its own trade union.

Ha Thi Khiet, Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Central Committee (CPVCC) and Head of the CPVCC’s Commission for Mass Mobilisation, made the statement at a July 28 reception for foreign delegates who are attending an international seminar jointly held by the World Federation of Trade Unions and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL).

The Vietnamese senior official welcomed the presence of leaders of 23 trade unions from 17 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe to the event.

She highly valued the seminar, which was used as a forum for countries’ trade unions to share information and experiences in securing employment for workers amid the global economic crisis.

She expressed her thanks to the people of the world, workers’ movements and international trade unions for their great support for Vietnam ’s struggles for independence in the past as well as during its current process of national construction.

International delegates said that from information shared at the seminar, each country’s trade union will build effective strategies to ensure employment, income and livelihood for workers.

They expressed their belief that under the leadership of the CPV, Vietnam’s working class and trade unions will continue achieving successes in the national industrialisation and modernisation process./.