Vietnamese athletes ready for ASIAD 2018 competitions hinh anh 1Members of the Vietnamese delegation for ASIAD 2018 pose for a photo after the flag raising ceremony on August 16 (Photo: VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) – All members of the Vietnamese delegation for the 18th Asian Games (ASIAD 2018) in Indonesia officially began training on August 16, so as to deliver their strongest performances at the quadrennial continental event.

Equipment for the gymnastics team will not be ready until August 18, however athletes started their training anyway on August 16. The morale, strength, and health of the gymnasts have all been stable following their long journey, head of the gymnastics team Bui Trung Thien said, adding that all members are ready to fulfil their duties.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese swimmers had already taken part in four training sessions by August 16. Similarly, all of their health and morale have been guaranteed since arriving in Jakarta, according to head of the swimming team Nguyen Trong Toan.

He added that Nguyen Thi Anh Vien, Vietnam’s golden hope for the swimming category, is also actively making preparations. She is set to compete in four events which will be finalised at the team’s meeting later. 

Aside from preparing for specialist skills, another important task before ASIAD 2018 officially kicks off is ensuring athletes maintain a high morale as the closer the Games comes, the more pressure they feel, especially those with high expectations from outstanding achievements at previous events.

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Gymnastics coach Truong Tuan Hien said that in his team, coaches never let their athletes face the medal pressure, instead only requesting them to overcome their own goals and performing their best as they have done in practice.

He expressed how this can help their confidence as they enter the competitions.

Many other athletes also aim to overcome themselves at ASIAD 2018. Anh Vien noted that she has high hopes for herself as she previously won two bronze medals at the ASIAD in the Republic of Korea, a large driving force for her this year. 

The 22-year-old swimmer said she is determined and hopes that she can change her medals’ colour at this ASIAD.

The Vietnamese delegation to ASIAD 2018 consists of 532 members, including 352 athletes. It aims to snatch a minimum of three gold medals, with at least one in an Olympic sports category. 

The Games will be officially held in two major cities of Indonesia – Jakarta and Palembang – from August 18 to September 2, with the participation of athletes from 45 countries and territories.

At the previous Games, Vietnam pocketed one gold, 10 silver, and 25 bronze medals, ranking 21st in the medal standings. –VNA