Hanoi (VNA) - A bestselling novel for teenagers by noted writer Nguyen Nhat Anh has recently been published in Japan by translator Kato Sakae.

Titled Toi Thay Hoa Vang Tren Co Xanh (Yellow Flowers on Green Grass), the novel is the second by the writer to make its debut in Japan. The first work titled Mat Biec (Blue Eyes) was published in 2004.

According to Sakae, the story is interesting and alluring not only for Vietnamese teenagers, but also for Japanese youngsters.

Sakae is a researcher specialising in Vietnamese literature. She has translated various contemporary literature works.

"Yellow Flowers on Green Grass" was first published in Vietnam by the Tre (Youth) Publishing House in December 2010.

The novel is in the form of a diary that tells readers about the lives of children in a poor rural area. The novel feature messages on brotherhood, neighbourhood and various complicated feelings experienced by teenagers.

The book was a bestseller in Vietnam in 2010 and reprinted soon after it was first published, with total number of copies reaching 20,000.

The story was made into a movie by director Victor Vu and released in October 2015 with record proceeds.

Following the movie, the book became a bestseller at the Hanoi Book Fair in 2015.

So far, the book has been reprinted 28 times with a total of 130,000 copies.

Writer Nguyen Nhat Anh, based in HCM City, has published various books for children and teenagers, including story sets, long stories, short stories and poetry. Some of his works have been made into films.-VNA