Vietnamese businesses introduced to Google Cloud hinh anh 1Experts said the use of cloud platform would help enhance start-ups' competitiveness. (Photo:

Google and Gimasys introduced the Google Cloud Platform to Vietnamese start-ups, especially those operating in e-commerce, on August 26.

Using the Google Cloud Platform would bring a lot of benefits to e-commerce businesses, though the application was currently in modest use among Vietnamese e-commerce start-ups, experts said.

Deputy President of the Vietnam E-Commerce Association Nguyen Thanh Hung said it was important to improve start-ups' awareness of the benefits of cloud platforms in enhancing their competitiveness.

Hung said cloud platforms were inevitable for online businesses to grasp opportunities and get breakthroughs amid growing competition and globalisation.

At the introduction event, representatives from Google also introduced Bid Data to participants, saying that many start-ups had applied Google Cloud Platforms and developed rapidly.

Beeketing – a marketing automation platform – is a typical successful start-up in Vietnam that has used the Google Cloud Platform.

The notable feature of the Google Cloud Platform is scalability, which means ‘use as per demand and pay as you use'.

This feature is very advantageous to e-commerce start-ups, helping them serve customers better.

The founder of an e-commerce website on printing said he was interested in the Google Cloud Platform and was thinking of shifting his website to the platform for greater expansion.-VNA