Whenever he is asked what he likes to do most in Vietnam, Csaba Bundik always replies “enjoying coffee”.

The local coffee, he went on, especially the Robusta variety, has a strong taste and high caffeine content, which is just what people like him are looking for.

Though he owns a modern coffee machine, Csaba really likes a cup of filtered coffee in the traditional Vietnamese way because it has its own charm.

Sipping a cup of coffee is a popular way for many Vietnamese to start the day. Now it is also popular among international friends.

Vietnamese coffee is also popular among foreign media. CNN recently listed Vietnamese coffee among the 10 best in the world. The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has written that egg coffee is a unique, impressive, and must-try drink when in Vietnam. And the travel website CNN Traveler put Vietnamese iced milk coffee on a list of the best coffee in the world, along with Italy’s Espresso and Australia’s Flat White.

Robusta coffee has earned Vietnam’s coffee industry three world records: as the country that produces and exports the most Robusta coffee; the country possessing a coffee-making culture with heritage values in barista art; and the country that is the best at mixing and enjoying Vietnamese coffee in diverse, creative, and unique ways.

Experts have said that this recognition marks an important milestone in the value and output of pure Vietnamese coffee./.