HTML clipboard According to PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment & Media, over the next five years, digital technologies will become increasingly widespread across all segments of entertainment & media (E&M) as digital migration continues to expand.
In Vietnam, the value of the E&M market approximately tripled in 5 years from 2004 to 2009 and is expected to exceed US$ 2.3 billion in 2013. The overall E&M compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Vietnam is projected to be the highest one in the world at 16.7% followed by Saudi Arabia/Pan Arabia at 15.1% and Pakistan at 13%.
Online games have appeared in Vietnam E&M industry in recent years but its potential has been confirmed. Online games market is now one of the most promising markets to grow. Online game has two main forms: PC and console games, and some giants of this industry in Vietnam are Nintendo, Microsoft, VTC Game, Vina Game. According to statistics, every year a profit of Online games reach 36 billion US Dollars. Trend of this industry are inclined to spread in Asia region and America is now the potential market!
As the national leader in Web-games industry, VTC Online is the first company of Vietnam which has copyright to launch Online games in many Asian countries such as: South Korea (Websam - 11/2009), Indonesia (Samkok - 3/2010), Cambodia (Samkok - opening soon in 2010). America is a next step beyond the boundary of the continent, realized “go Global” strategy of VTC Online with Three Kingdoms Webgames which is one of VTC Online’s best battle-focused real-time strategy game.
With the slogan “Intergrating service – connecting people,” VTC Online targets at the community of 20 millions East Asia people who are living and working in America, along with that is 40 millions U.S. citizens with the habit of regularly using the Internet.
The global E&M market as a whole, including both consumer and advertising spending will grow by 2.7 per cent compounded annually for the entire forecast period to $1.6 trillion in 2013. Though the current economic downturn has, without doubt, impacted virtually every sector of the E&M marketplace it has also accelerated and intensified the digital migration among both providers and consumers of content. Responses to the recession will vary from country to country and region to region with some territories showing little ill effects while others experience steep declines.
Latin America and Asia Pacific remain the fastest growing regions increasing at an annual compound rate of 5.1 per cent and 4.5 per cent through to 2013 reaching $73 billion and $413 billion respectively. Excluding Japan, the dominant country in the Asia Pacific region which accounted for 45 per cent of total spending in 2008, E&M spending in Asia Pacific will increase at a projected 7.1 per cent compound annual rate over the period of the Forecast./.