The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Communist Party of France (CPF) have discussed the current global economic-financial crisis faced by countries in the world.

The two sides affirmed the systematic failure of capitalism and new liberalism in capitalist countries at their first theory workshop held in Paris on November 1-2.

Participants debated the negative and multi-faceted impacts of the global economic downturn on international politics and economy, welfare systems and the lives of workers, as well as the measures taken by capitalist governments since 2008.

They agreed that current international economic models and financial institutions lacking effective supervision mechanisms are out-dated and need major adjustments to meet the development requirements of modern society.

Both Parties scrutinised equality and social security challenges faced by countries, and the difficulties in protecting the legitimate interests of people hardest hit by the crisis.

French researchers and scholars spoke highly of policies and measures the Vietnamese Party and Government are implementing, particularly the policy of restructuring the economy in parallel with social security to sustain the development of the growing national economy.-VNA