Vietnamese rapper breaks YouTube record with latest hit hinh anh 1Vietnamese rapper Den Vau (Photo: Internet)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Vietnamese rapper Den Vau's latest hit Dien Vien Toi (A Lousy Actor) has clinched a new record – the Vietnamese artist with the highest number of music videos to reach the most trending section of Youtube Vietnam.

The rapper's latest song immediately went viral after its launch, garnering over two million views and 141 thousand likes within a few hours. It climbed to the top of the Trending Music of Youtube 45 hours after it was released.

The song is currently ranked second with over five million views, behind Shut Down by Black Pink.

The music video is shot as if it was a live session, with the rapper singing live with a band and another singer, Thanh Bui.

It presents viewers with the nostalgic appearance of the singer in old fashion clothes and long hair that used to be popular in the 1980s and the meaningful message of love that it conveys.

The song depicts a person who always tries to hide his emotions and expressions. However, when he meets a girl he falls for, he becomes "a lousy actor" who fails to hide his true feelings.

Viewers are surprised when the singers and musicians are covered in watercolour, which a girl paints in the distance. The paintings keep appearing and overlapping until the girl's silhouette becomes a painting that the rapper is contemplating.

The idea for the music video for the song represents the creative side of Den Vau and the production team.

"At first, we intended to make a video of a normal concert, but then we opted for the second concept – turning all the characters into a painting that is being painted by a girl standing afar," the artist said.

"In love, a person's appearance will bring many colours to the other's life, making it more beautiful and interesting. In the MV, emotional paintings are precious things to be cherished. When you meet someone, there will be moments like a beautiful painting to be preserved in the memory."

The video for Dien Vien Toi has received many positive comments from Vietnamese rap enthusiasts.

"Den Vau does not abuse English like many other Vietnamese rappers. Every word in the mother tongue used in his lyrics has a diverse and interesting meaning that enables the listeners to understand the content immediately. The more they listen to the songs, the more deeply they understand their meanings. Unfashionable, unobtrusive – Den Vau's simple music still exists like a smouldering fire that cannot be extinguished. Listening to his music, we can see the good things in the ordinary things of life, find the simple but extremely precious values and realise the rhythmic sounds constantly resounding in our souls," commented Minh La Tree.

According to another Youtube user, Ghien Mix, the rapper's music product has reached the artistic level both in terms of audio and visual thanks to the artist's thoroughly investment. The lyric is like a poem with layers of meaning.

"He is truly a genuine artist of Vietnamese showbiz," he added.

Rapper Den Vau, whose real name is Nguyen Duc Cuong, was born in 1989 in Ha Long city in the northern province of Quang Ninh. He used to work as a garbage collector for seven years before embarking on his music career. Some of his first rap songs that went viral on Youtube are Dua Nhau Di Tron (Go Hiding Together), Di Theo Bong Mat Troi (Follow the Shadow of the Sun) and Troi Oi Con Chua Muon Chet (Oh God I Don't Want To Die).

At the Bai Hat Viet (Vietnamese Songs) TV show in 2011, Den Vau won The Most Favourite Song Voted By The Audience award with the song Cay Bang (The Indian Almond Tree). His live show celebrating his 10th years of singing career in 2019 attracted over 5,000 spectators./.