Some 70 domestic and international runners as well as teachers and students of Ngo Sy Lien and Tran Phu Secondary Schools joined the “Peace Run – Vietnam 2014” in Hanoi on November 17.

The event is part of a global relay, Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, to enhance international friendship and understanding.

It was jointly organised by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisation, its Hanoi chapter and the Hanoi Department of Education and Training (HDET).

At the opening ceremony, HDET Director Nguyen Huu Do highlighted that peace is an universal human desire and a foundation for people’s happiness and prosperity.

Speaking highly of the event, he expressed his belief that passing the torch of peace from nation to nation inspired the individuals participating in or watching the run as well as world leaders.

S. Wilson, a representative from the Peace Run said Vietnam is amongst the 13 destinations of the Asia-Pacific run that started in August, including Russia, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia .

During the run, the team of international runners carries a torch as a symbol of friendship through a number of countries and territories in a bid to promote cultural understanding and the harmonious relationship between the peoples of all nations, faiths and cultures.

Founder Sri Chinmoy once said “World harmony, world peace: these are not mere dictionary words. These are realities, divine realities and supreme realities”.-VNA