Salted Vietnamese duck’s eggs sell well both in the domestic market and in other countries in the Southeast Asian region. They are especially popular with bakeries for making cakes for the Mid-Autumn festival.

The Mekong delta region, the country’s egg basket, is extremely busy fulfilling many export contracts.

Nguyen Huu Phuoc, Director of the Nguyen Phan Company, a salted duck egg factory in Can Tho City, said that his business won orders to supply 9 million eggs a year to Singapore and 800,000 eggs a year to Hong Kong .

Salted duck eggs are also shipped to Cambodia under the cross-border agreement. Nguyen Phan and another company in Vinh Long province export about 50 million eggs a year to this country.

Phuoc added that “despite the global financial crisis, the demand has not dropped as they are an essential ingredient in the making of moon cakes, a special dish in many Asian countries during the Autumn.”

Many salted duck eggs factories in the Mekong delta region have reported that they could not keep up with the demand and their export volume has increased by 30 percent over the same period last year.

The domestic market also has big demand for these eggs. According to Nguyen Phan, the country’s largest bakers, the Kinh Do Joint Stock Company, ordered 12 million salted duck eggs from Nguyen Phan, a 20 percent increase over 2008.

Since last year’s Mid-Autumn festival, right after the bird flu epidemic was finally under control, duck flocks in the Mekong Delta have constantly grown, supplying many of the eggs for export.

The region now has about 33 million ducks, which are raised following strict quarantine regulations, monitored by local veterinary agencies.

As a result, Vietnamese duck eggs are safe and are consumed in many restaurants and hotels abroad. In Singapore , the prices of Vietnamese duck eggs are 20 percent higher than those from other countries./.