VinaPhone will officially start to offer a 3G international roaming service by early 2010.

The move is made possible with the company joining Conexus, an alliance of international mobile phone providers. Under its agreement with Conexus, VinaPhone will now be granted permission to provide the 3G international roaming service to customers who are subscribers to one of the alliance’s members and VinaPhone’s users will be permitted to use the services provided by all the other members of the alliance.

VinaPhone subscribers will benefit by the company’s Conexus membership through preferential pricing.

Customers from all of Conexus’ 11 members will be charged a flat rate of 0.2 USD per SMS when roaming within the network. VinaPhone’s roaming subscribers will receive support services such as handset lending, SIM card replacements overseas, and can make free calls to 18001091 as they can when in Vietnam .

Lam Hoang Vinh, VinaPhone’s Managing Director, said that efforts to join the Conexus Mobile Alliance marked VinaPhone’s and Vietnam ’s standing in the telecommunications sector. This also reflects the development, integration and openness of Vietnam ’s economic door policy.

Established in April, 2006, the Conexus Mobile Alliance is one of Asia ’s largest mobile alliances. The alliance was formed to develop and enhance international roaming and corporate mobile services to provide a more convent service for its customers.

The Conexus Mobile Alliance now has 11 member networks in growing economies such as the Republic of Korea , Japan , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Macau , India , the Philippines , Indonesia , Singapore and Thailand .

The alliance boasts a combined customer base of more than 240 million mobile subscribers across the region./.