Vietnam’s first telecommunications satellite, Vinasat-1, has leased out 70 percent of its capacity to domestic and foreign clients, just one year after its launch on April 19, 2008, according to the operator, Vietnam Telecom International (VTI).

At this rate, the satellite’s capacity will be fully utilized by the end of the year, two years ahead of schedule, said a spokesperson of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications group, VTI’s parent company.

VNPT  spokesperson Bui Quoc Viet also said VTI staff have mastered the management and operation of the satellite and should be able to assume full responsibility for running Vinasat-1 in the near future.

According to Bui Thien Minh, Deputy General Director of the VNPT, the satellite’s domestic clients include radio and television stations, oil and gas businesses, telecom service providers, ministries and agencies. A number of customers from Thailand, Singapore and Laos are also using services provided by Vinasat-1. 

VTI is negotiating with potential customers in Singapore, Indonesia and India, Minh said.

The satellite is expected to retrieve its investment capital after nine years out of its total operational life of 15 years, Minh said./.