Just 25km from Ha Noi’s city centre, Quat Dong Village is renowned as the cradle of the traditional embroidery. The countryside is peaceful with a thousand-year history. It is home to the traditional embroidery craft that has been preserved for generations.

“We grew up learning embroidery, and then keep doing it until now,” said a craftsman. “We siblings in the family all know how to embroider, the art of embroidery is taught within the family.”

Quat Dong embroidery is famous for its sophistication in every sewing detail and liveliness in edge lines. Each pattern and design requires many efforts and perseverance. The village is most famous for its embroidery pictures.

Pictures are embroidered in a unique way of trimming coloured threads, thus, it takes lot of time to complete an embroidered. Some pictures take several months, some even take years. Daily household items such as blankets, curtains, pillows, mattresses, towels, bridal dress are often used only white yarn.

Currently, when the policy of restoring the village, the embroidery industry is focused. At present, Quat Dong handmade embroidery village attracts many visitors on Hanoi Local Tour, especially foreigners to visit and buy paintings.

Quat Dong embroidery has also been exported to many countries in the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and the USA./.