Quan Thanh Temple formerly known as Tran Vu Temple (Chan Vu Quan - "Zhenwu Emperor" Temple) was constructed in the 11th century. The Temple is located on the corner of Quan Thanh Street and Thanh Nien Street in Hanoi.

As one of 4 sacred temples of Thang Long ancient citadel, Quan Thanh is the sacred temple of “The Guardian of the North”. It was built over a thousand years ago during the reign of Emperor Ly Thai To.

In 1474 when the Imperial Citadel was expanded, King Le Thanh Tong moved the temple to a place with feng shui terrain called "Quy Xa" (a tortoise entwined together with a snake) on the south bank of West Lake, Thuy Chuong Ward, Quang Duc District, Phung Thien County, Thang Long citadel.

Entering the main hall of the harem, Huyen Thien Tran Vu monolithic statue was cast in bronze in Dinh Ty year (1677). The statue has a height of 3.96m and a weight of 4,000kg and it typical of large-size bronze casting products in the history of Vietnam.

Quan Thanh Temple as seen today has a great dimension, bringing the architectural and artistic style of the 19th century./.