Visiting Thai Hoa Palace via VR technology

According to the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre, visitors can now view Thai Hoa Palace, or the Palace of Supreme Harmony, a typical architectural work in the UNESCO-recognised Hue Imperial Citadel, thanks to virtual reality, or VR, technology.

Visitors to the Citadel need only scan a QR code on their smartphone to be able to tour Thai Hoa Palace via 3D technology and admire its carvings of poetry and literature.

With three viewing modes and a 360° multi-directional 3D viewing angle, visitors can contemplate Thai Hoa Palace in every detail, with voiceovers in both Vietnamese and English introducing the history, architecture, and values of the site.

Thai Hoa Palace underwent a major restoration last November at a cost of over 128 billion VND (5.6 million USD). The project is expected to be completed in August 2025.

Many visitors to the Complex of Hue Monuments were disappointed at not being able to visit Thai Hoa Palace due to the restorations.

The VR tour is a great alternative, and allows visitors to look at and learn about the important site.

Thai Hoa Palace is a typical architectural work in the Complex of Hue Monuments. It has remained fairly intact, though was in need of the ongoing restorations. In particular, the special decorative style of “one poem - one painting”, with one painting placed adjacent to one poem, will be preserved at the palace, which has been recognised as a documentary heritage in the Asia-Pacific region./.