One of the attractions not to be missed when coming to Con Dao is a coastal road on Con Son - the main island of the Con Dao archipelago. With a length of about 25km surrounding the southern part of the island, this is a beautiful road that still keeps its wild origin.

The road is called Ben Dam. It starts from the tourist wharf in the center of Con Dao town, then passes through An Hai beach, one of the most beautiful beaches here. Although the road runs around the island with high mountains, it has a very gentle slope. So it is easily accessible by electric vehicles and common motorbikes.

The higher you go, the more spectacular the scenery of clouds and sky appears. The highlight of this route is Shark Cape, which is a mountain jutting out towards the sea. Creating a wonderful scene that is hard to describe in words.

One side of the road is the mountains and the other side is the blue sea. This is also the favorite place for tourists to "check-in" and take photos when they come to Con Dao

Going along this route for about 5km, visitors will come to the edge of Con Dao National Park. They can see the beautiful primeval forests with many precious trees and wild animals, especially monkeys. The monkeys are quite friendly and gentle. They are not afraid to come close and play with visitors.

With charming natural scenery and the harmony of the sea and the mountains where this road passes, visitors can easily feel nostalgic once they arrive here./.