A workshop to promote cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and Osaka city of Japan in managing solid waste took place in Ho Chi Minh City on Feb. 16.

The workshop was jointly held by the city’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) and Osaka Water and Environment Solutions Association (OWESA) of Japan .

The workshop aims to provide the two cities with a chance to share experiences in managing solid waste, as well as find cooperative opportunities in this field.

According to Shinsaku Azuma, General Director of Osaka Environment Bureau, the workshop is part of a cooperative programme signed by the two cities in July last year.

A number of issues relating to solid waste works were discussed at the workshop, such as challenges and policies of Ho Chi Minh City on urban solid waste management; experiences and policies of Osaka city in solid waste management; and temporary solutions for solid waste treatment in Ho Chi Minh City .

The workshop also heard Japanese experts’ reports on advanced technologies for solid and liquid waste treatment and medical waste treatment.

At present, over 6,700 tonnes of urban solid waste are required to be treated every day. Of that figure, 1,500-2,000 tonnes of industrial and harmful waste were treated and recycled with outmoded technologies.

The cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and Osaka is very significant for both, especially while Ho Chi Minh City needs to enhance management experience and consultancies on new technologies in order to solve waste issues.

Participants also made fact-finding tours to sanitary landfills, medical waste incinerators and industrial parks in the city./.