The US Dollar has strengthened in most Vietnamese commercial banks and is likely to climb to its highest peak against the Vietnam Dong.

The dollar price quoted by Vietcombank on March 24 is 21,515-21,575 VND, rising 25 VND against the previous day. Meanwhile, Agribank has set a purchasing price of 21,480 VND, and a selling price of 21,570 VND to one US dollar.

The highest USD price has been recorded at Techcombank, with the exchange rate pegged at 21,500- 21,590 VND, shooting up 40 VND compared to the previous day’s figure.

The greenback price looks like as if it is going to hit the ceiling at the inter-banking exchange rate of 21,673 VND. The sharp increase of the dollar against VND has been spurred by the expanding difference between the domestic and international gold price.

The Sai Gon Jewellery Company (SJC) on March 24 morning posted purchasing and selling prices of 35.24 million VND and 35.34 million VND (1,636 USD to 1,640 USD) per tael for gold, tumbling 20,000 VND (0.93 USD) per tael against the price pegged a day ago.

The difference between the domestic and global price is currently standing at 4.5 million VND (208.9 USD), excluding tax and fees.-VNA