President Truong Tan Sang urged voters to join forces with relevant agencies to combat corruption at his meeting on November 26 with more than 300 voters from District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

On voter Tran Van Lai’s request to provide further explanation of the term “group interest” and its relation to corruption, President Sang said each voter should utilise their supervisory role to hold officials accountable.

“The Party and State always listen to the people’s suggestion”, he said.

Voters at the meeting welcomed the move by the National Assembly to hold votes of confidence for officials in elected positions or those approved by the NA or People’s Councils.

Sang said holding confidence votes was a vital task of the whole political system, which if implemented smoothly, will yield remarkable progress.

He added that voters should thoroughly discuss with NA deputies before they cast their votes so that these reflect the voice of the people.

Responding to a question on the inefficiency of the current practice for State officials declaring assets, Sang explained that it was because the relevant agencies had not fulfilled their job criteria.

In addition, their income was difficult to track because cash transactions remain popular.

Sang called for active participation from Ho Chi Minh City voters in a referendum on constitutional amendment slated to occur early next year.-VNA