Water resources planning scheme for 2021-2030 announced

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on January 6 announced a master plan on water resources during 2021-2030 with vision to 2050.

The national water planning scheme, the first of its kind, offers a foundation for relevant quarters, bot at central and local levels, to map out their own plans relating to water resources.

This will create a premise for the economical, effective and sustainable exploitation, use and protection of water resources.

It touches upon issues regarding the management, regulation, distribution, exploitation and use of water resources in agriculture, industry, fishery, irrigation, urban and rural water supply, and other production and business activities, along with those on national water resources security.

By 2025, the planning scheme targets increasing the rate of daily clean water use to 95% - 100% for the urban population and 65% for rural residents. As many as 90% of water exploitation activities will be put under control, while the rate of water loss in supply activities will be reduced to 10%.

It also prioritises settling drought and water shortages in the dry season across river basins and areas with difficult access to sources, particularly the south-central region, Central Highlands, Mekong River Delta, and remote and island areas./.