Women's Union upholds pioneering role in working for women's happiness hinh anh 1Female public security officers of Ninh Binh. (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) has upheld its pioneering role in working for women's happiness, the union's President Ha Thi Nga affirmed during an interview with Vietnam News Agency ahead of the 13th National Women Congress for the 2022 – 2027 period to be held in Hanoi on March 9-11.

She highlighted five outstanding accomplishments Vietnamese women have achieved over the last five-year tenure of the union. 

First of all, Vietnamese women have become more dynamic and determined to surmount difficulties, Nga said, adding that they have also stayed innovative, applied science and technology with boldness and engaged deeper in economic activities, making significant contributions to all sectors.

Women have remained crucial contributors to the implementation of the national target programmes on new rural development and sustainable poverty reduction, as well as the national startup programme over the years, she noted.

Women's Union upholds pioneering role in working for women's happiness hinh anh 2Vietnamese women in "ao dai", Vietnam's traditional gown, pose for a photo in front of the Imperial City of Hue. (Photo: VNA)
Secondly, she continued, they have been increasingly aware of their responsibilities and rights as citizens and have increased their participation in political and social affairs, which is reflected in the rising ratio of women in leadership and managerial positions, particularly in Party committees at all levels, National Assembly, and all-level People’s Councils. 

Thirdly, as mothers and the first teacher of their children, Vietnamese women have continued promoting cultural traditions in family and greatly contributed to the preservation of traditional cultural values, she further said.

Fourthly, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have played an active part in fulfilling the country’s twin goals of keeping the pandemic under control and boosting economic development.

Finally, those who work in armed forces and foreign affairs have upheld patriotism and made huge contribution to safeguarding Vietnam’s sovereignty and security and to heightening the nation’s position in the global stage and promoting it as an active and responsible member of the international community, she added.

Women's Union upholds pioneering role in working for women's happiness hinh anh 3President of the Vietnam Women's Union Ha Thi Nga. (Photo: VNA)
She further noted that the Women’s Union itself has proposed more than 600 policies, plans and programmes designated to support women; assisted the establishment of nearly 800 cooperatives; and raised some 480 billion VND (21 million USD) for pandemic-hit union members.

Talking about future plans of the union, Nga said the VWU intends to further support women’s comprehensive development and help them build a happy family. It will also help them fight domestic violence, child abuse and nurture good family values. 

It will continue joining in the building of the Party and the political system through encouraging union members to follow the Party's guideline and State's policies and laws, while enhancing the union's participation in social affairs and intensifying efforts for gender equality, she said.

The union will focus its resources on applying information technology and accelerating digital transformation through a project by 2025 with a vision towards 2030. It also plans to build capacity in using IT and accessing e-Government for one million women, create a safer environment for women and girls, foster women’s economic empowerment, and strengthen international cooperation to help women raise their voice, she stated./.