A workshop aimed at equipping intellectual property managers, research institutes, universities and relevant agencies with knowledge on intellectual property assessment opened in Hanoi on June 5.

The event, jointly held by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MST)’s Intellectual Property Department and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), emphasised the necessary of intellectual property assessment in commercialising intellectual property.

Addressing the workshop, MST Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung underlined the importance of intellectual property in every aspect of the economy, especially in the context of current globalisation and international economic integration.

Developing an intellectual property protection system as well as encouraging and supporting the development of intellectual property now become a global requirement and one of the important tasks in Vietnam ’s socio-economic development, he said.

Intellectual property assessment is now a concern of not only businesses but also law and policy makers as well as macroeconomic managers, he added.

During the three-day event, foreign experts, who are working in the field of intellectual property, will introduce basic contents on intellectual property assessment in the two phases of pre-commercialisation and commercialisation.-VNA