Experiences of civil society organisations in promoting peace and security in Asia and Europe are shared at a two-day workshop which opened in Hanoi on September 9, which brought together representatives from Asian and European organisations.

As part of the preparations for the upcoming 10 th Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF), the event was organised by the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation under the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO), and the forum’s organisation board. In his opening speech, VUFO President Vu Xuan Hong said the workshop was a good chance for experts on and activists for peace movements to share their experiences and propose new initiatives to ensure peace and security on the two continents.

The two-day workshop provides information on peace and security issues in Asia and Europe in 2013/2014, including achievements, challenges and opportunities.

Attendees shared their countries’ approaches to resolving peace and security related-issues as well as deliberated the role and involvement of civil society organisations in reducing crises.

Scheduled for October 10-12 in Milan, Italy, the 10 th AEPF will address the major issues the citizens of Europe and Asia are faced with, including fair trade and just investments; universal social protection and decent jobs; access to essential services and social security; food sovereignty and sustainable land and natural resources management; climate change, sustainable energy production and zero waste; and peace and security.-VNA