Officials from Vietnamese labour management agencies and labour consultants were u pdated on the Employment Permit System (EPS) programme in the Republic of Korea and the country’s new regulations for foreign labourers at a recent workshop in Seoul.

Held by Vietnam’s Management Office for Labourers under the EPS Programme and the Overseas Labour Management Department under the Vietnamese Embassy to the RoK, the event aims to enhance skills for settling issues arising in the labour relationship, ensuring legitimated rights of workers.

There are over 47,000 Vietnamese labourers having stable jobs in the RoK under the EPS programme, according to Head of the Management Office for Labourers under the EPS Programme Le Manh Hung.

However, many newly arriving workers do not have much understanding of the country’s legal regulations and rules of RoK firms, and meet difficulties in daily activities, he noted.

Addressing the event, Deputy Head of the Overseas Labour Management Department Nguyen Nhu Tuan updated participants on the implementation of Vietnam’s legal regulations applied for labourers working in the RoK.

He said he hope labour consultants of the Management Office will help in persuading expat workers to abide by the Vietnamese State’s policies and regulations in the field.

During the workshop, participants shared their experience in consulting and supporting Vietnamese labourers, while discussing measures to manage Vietnamese workers working in the RoK.

Vietnam and the RoK recently have decided to extend a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on supplying and receiving Vietnamese workers to the RoK under the EPS.

The MoU presents jobs opportunities in the RoK for new Vietnamese employees as well as workers with concluding labour contracts, especially in the context of the RoK’s initiatives to reduce illegal residence in the country.-VNA