The Vietnamese Government has effectively used the World Bank's financial support, particularly in education and social security, the bank's managing director Mahmoud Mohieldin said on May 3.

He made the comments at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan in Hanoi .

The World Bank's total financial commitment to Vietnam as of February 2012 was nearly 15 billion USD for 111 projects, mostly in the fields of transport, urban and rural development, energy, water resources management, public administration reforms, finance, education, healthcare and environment.

Mohieldin said the World Bank will continue focusing its financial support on education and agriculture to help Vietnam develop a suitable system of social security services. Nhan said the World Bank's contributions to the country's development are appreciated and that he expects it to continue providing financial and technical support to help Vietnam attain its goals, particularly in the realm of human resources.

In regards to social security, Nhan asked that the bank focus its resources on ensuring safety for people in cases of risk, poverty reduction and ensuring equal rights to access training opportunities.

He said he hopes the bank will continue helping Vietnam maintain sustainable growth after becoming a middle-income country (having a minimum gross per capita income of 1,006 USD). He also asked for the World Bank's continued support for the national anti-tuberculosis programme.-VNA