Vietnamese embassies around the world, including Germany, Cuba and Indonesia, held celebrations to mark the 64th anniversary of the August Revolution and Vietnam’s National Day (September 2).

Addressing a party held at the Berlin-based embassy on September 2, Ambassador Do Hoa Binh said the Vietnamese officers, students and workers who are living and studying in Germany are one-and-all committed to improving solidarity within the overseas Vietnamese community, its robust growth, and active integration into the local society so that it may continuously contribute to national construction back home.

The reception was attended by Vice Chairman of the Germany-Vietnam Association, Prof. Wilfried Lulei, and author Hellmut Kapfenberger whose book entitled “Ho Chi Minh” was recently published in Germany on the 119th anniversary of Uncle Ho’s birthday, as well as by representatives of the Vietnam business association, alumni groups and the overseas Vietnamese community in Berlin .

On the occasion, Counsellor Phan Y Nhi called for a response to the campaign to “Study, work and follow the ethics of Ho Chi Minh”, to speed up the introduction of Vietnamese literature and cultural products in Germany and to collect documents and items related to Uncle Ho which are preserved by German friends.

Prof. Wilfried Lulei praised the significance of Vietnam ’s August Revolution and National Day, saying he wished the friendship and solidarity between the Vietnamese and German people would increasingly develop in future.

Earlier on September 1, Vietnam ’s embassy in Indonesia also held a meeting to celebrate the day.

Joining the reception were representatives of Vietnam ’s Permanent Mission to ASEAN, Vietnamese experts and specialists at the Jakarta-based ASEAN Secretariat and representatives of the Vietnamese community and students in Indonesia .

A delegation of the Lao embassy based in Indonesia , led by Ambassador Prasith Sayasith and his spouse, on August 31, visited the Vietnamese Embassy to celebrate the National Day.

In Cuba , the Vietnamese Embassy and the Cuban` Association of Friendship between Peoples (ICAP) jointly organised a “ Vietnam today” photo exhibition at the Revolution Museum in the capital, Havana .

Over 40 photos in the show portray the cause of national construction and capture the sense of optimism and creativity of the Vietnamese people, Ambassador Vu Chi Cong said. They also reflect the solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and Cuba./.