Silk is traditional material which was used by royal painters to paint portraits for the king and generals in Vietnam. However, in recent years, the trade has fallen into oblivion. Now, with the efforts of young artists, Vietnamese silk paintings have gradually revived with new vitality.

Inheriting the techniques of traditional silk paintings, young artists have innovated them to fit the present. If ancient silk painting techniques use dry silk, modern silk paintings are like staining on silk then repeating the process. The silk is stretched on a wooden frame and during the process, the artist can wash the silk several times and then draw it again as he or she wishes. Thanks to that, the silk paintings appear softer, smoother and shinier.

Although silk painting has long been known to be a difficult process, young artists have found ways to reintroducing age-old stories into creative art pieces. In the hustle of modern society, young painters are creative and searching for ways to present traditional beauty to everyone.-VNA