Ambition, family, happiness and optimism are the top values for people aged 18 to 35 years, a study by marketing communication company Y&R Vietnam has found.

The 2012 Vietnam Generation Asia, released on July 20, polled more than 1,400 respondents in Hanoi and HCM City online in June.

Interestingly, 83 percent have an ambition to one day achieve great things. Two-thirds are confident they will become rich. There is a strong belief (74 percent) among them that despite all the changes around them, family values remain the same.

"Born into rapid economic growth, they are a generation filled with optimism about their presence and future and firmly believe their lives are far better than their parents', and they are confident they will achieve great personal wealth and do not feel daunted by any of the obstacles on the path to success," Y&R CEO Matthew Collier noted.

For 73 percent, happiness is more important than money, and 72 percent feel marriage is not worth it if it does not make them happy.

On education, 83 percent agree that colleges should be less about theory but instead be about practical preparation for the job market.

They are also very health conscious and aware of the impact of lifestyle, and thus place a lot of emphasis (83 percent) on being calm and happy as a key factor in being healthy.

While women (80 percent) equate beauty with health and prefer beauty products from natural ingredients to chemical-based ones, men are more beauty-conscious than people may think, with 68 percent of male respondents wanting soft and wrinkle-free skin and willing to use skin-care products.

A generation that has rapidly adapted to using technology, they (75 percent) are willing to pay a premium for something they perceive as cutting edge and of top quality.

A full 82 percent want adventure in their travel plans.-VNA