13th National Assembly – five years with a lot of landmarks hinh anh 1The 13th NA's 11th meeting (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – The 13th National Assembly has left a deep imprint on Vietnam’s constitutional and legislative history as various crucial matters regarding national destiny were decided during the tenure.

Former NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, who directed the legislature over the past five years, said all activities of the law-making body, its agencies and NA deputies aimed at serving the nation and people.

The legislature’s strength was sourced from the people - the core nature of democracy Vietnam is pursuing, he noted.

During the past tenure, the NA made the most outstanding achievements in constitutional and legislative activities, which are also its key tasks.

A troop of nearly 500 deputies exerted all-out efforts in law making with a total of 107 laws and codes issued in comparison with 53 laws approved by the ninth legislature, 84 laws and codes by the 11 th legislature and 67 laws and codes by the 12 th legislature.

The most worthy of note is the formation of the 2013 Constitution which was built on over 26 million public opinions on the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution and more than 28,000 conferences and workshops both at home and abroad – the largest ever scale in the country’s constitutional history.

Progressive ideologies and renovations in the legal document have received high appreciation from both voters and international law experts who highlighted its spirit of serving the nation and people, while carrying forward the achievements of the four previous Constitutions which existed during the past seven decades of national construction.

The Constitution dictates that the Party must keep close ties with the people, serve the people and work under the people’s supervision.

It is a must for the State to respect, guarantee and protect human and citizen rights. Meanwhile, armed forces must be faithful to the Party, the nation and the people, the document said.

Protecting the nation is the responsibility of all citizens, according to the Constitution.

These above-mentioned rules aim to maintain political and economic stability and drive the nation forward.

Recalling the time when the 2013 Constitution sailed through the legislative body, Nguyen Thai Hoc, a deputy from the central province of Phu Yen, said the document mirrors the brainpower of the entire Party, people and army, as well as the contribution of NA deputies.

It can be said that the Constitution is the pride of the 13 th NA and a document orienting the legislative work during the tenure as right after its ratification and even during the building process, the legislature had built, amended and supplemented laws to serve the effectuation of the Constitution.

Since the inception of the Constitution, nearly 70 bills were ratified by the NA, spanning almost all socio-economic spheres.

However, many deputies admitted, a range of limitations still remained in the law building activities.

Several codes and laws have failed to match reality, with some having to be adjusted just after their approval, they said.

Besides, many others only contain general principles, requiring the issuance of more documents to guide their enforcement, they said, noting that the slow drafting of guiding documents is another problem which prevents the early implementation of the laws and codes.

The reform in NA activities can also be seen in heated hearing sessions, which drew public’s attention. For the first time all heads of State agencies have been questioned about the realisation of the NA’s resolutions.

During the tenure, the 13 th NA, on behalf of the people, exercised its supreme supervision in conducting two votes of confidence on leading positions in the State apparatus.

Confidence vote results have driven those holding positions elected or approved by the NA to improve their capacity and work efficiency, creating marked changes in a number of sectors.

Each statement made by NA deputies at legislative meetings reflected people’s will and aspirations. Major national matters have been decided for the interests of the nation and people, contributing to stabilising the macro economy, ensuring social welfare, improving people’s living standards, guaranteeing national defence and security, and social order and safety.

Of note, the 13 th NA completed the personnel work during its last meeting. The NA elected the new NA Chair, the Chair of the National Election Council, the President, the Prime Minister, two NA Vice Chairs, seven members of the NA Standing Committee, the Vice President, the Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court, the Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Chair of the NA’s Council for Ethnic Affairs, the Chairs of five NA Committees and the State Auditor General.

It also approved the appointment of three Deputy Prime Ministers, 18 Ministers and other Cabinet members.

The positions of the NA Chair, the President and the Prime Minister were elected with the majority of approval votes, mirroring NA deputies’ trust in the new leaders.

People nationwide have also expressed their high expectations of the new leaders and their hope that the NA and the Government will make more pragmatic decisions regarding national sovereignty and territory, anti-corruption and social welfare.

The 13 th NA has upheld the spirit of solidarity, strong renovations, real democracy and transparency throughout its five-year term.

Huynh Nghia, a deputy from the central city of Da Nang, said the remarkable performance demonstrated that the legislature has strongly reformed itself and listened to people.

Each deputy is aware of their responsibility to the people and conveyed their aspirations and concerns to the legislature, he said.

Nghia’s views were echoed by other deputies who wish that each deputy must do their best together with the NA to make sound policies and build a legislative body of the people, by the people and for the people.-VNA