The Central Highlands province of Lam Dong will spend 38.1 billion VND (1.8 million USD) preserving, restoring and promoting the values of Cat Tien relic site in the remote district of the same name.

The project from now to 2017, funded by the National Target Programme on Culture, will reinforce unearthed mounds, conduct excavations, and build exhibition halls and other facilities to serve tourism purposes.

Discovered in 1985, Cat Tien relic site (also called “Cat Tien Holy Land”) is a tower complex dating back the 4th to the 9th centuries and spreads more than 15km from Quang Ngai to Duc Pho communes of Cat Tien district.

Excavations have found a number of gold, silver, quartz, and bronze items at the site. However, experts said unearthed objects only form a small part of what beneath this site, which was recognised as a National Relic in 1997.

Vietnam now has 3,231 national relic sites, of which 34 were recongnised as special national sites.-VNA