The improvement in citizen perceptions on control of corruption at the local level rose only modestly, from 6.71 points in 2022 to 6.77 in 2023.

Another key PAPI focus in 2023 was e-governance, following the Government’s push to expand digital citizenship.

Last year, access to the internet and access to provincial e-governance portals both rose relative to 2020.

However, findings revealed that citizens are slow to switch to e-governance. A reason for the limited users is privacy concerns, as stated by one-third of the users.

These findings underline the need for substantial improvements to make services more accessible, user-friendly, convenient and inclusive for all citizen users.

With its wealth of quantitative data, PAPI has emerged as a trusted, citizen-centric tool to inform the country’s legislative and policy agendas and the action plans of all 63 provincial administrations./.