Agrotourism is a relatively new concept in the South Central province of Khanh Hoa. It has recently been deployed in Cam Lam district and shown some progress.

With 30 years of mango planting in an area of 4,700 hectares, Cam Lam district’s mango have successfully built a name among consumers with three signature species of Hoa Loc, Australian and Canh Mangoes.

Local farmer Nguyen Son owns a 3 ha mango garden and has recently invested in tourism facilities to welcome visitors and earn extra scratch.

Nguyen Son, local farmer, Cam Lam district, KhanhHoa province: "Agrotourism has developed sharply across the world but it is still new to us. We also hope that this tourism service can help promote the local mangos to consumers."

Eight models of agrotourism have been developed in Cam Lam district. The models open up opportunities for farmers to improve their livelihood.

Thao Xuan Sung, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers' Association: "Mango offers a golden opportunity for farmers, especially in terms of tourism development. Localities should improve the output products, processing facilities and also material areas to develop a sustainable agrotourism model with farmers at the centre. Khanh Hoa’s association of farmers needs to devise an assistance plan for local farmers."

Agrotourism is at its best when being upon a full service chain under the model of tourism farms. It not only helps improve farmers’ living standard but also increases the value of Vietnamese farm produce.-VNA