The recognition was announced at a ceremony held in Hoang Su Phi district of Ha Giang on September 29, honoring Shan Tuyet tea trees in 5 districts, including Bac Quang, Hoang Su Phi, Quang Binh, Vi Xuyen and Xin Man.

Shan Tuyet tea brand is well-known among both domestic and international consumers, and has been exported to many foreign markets such as Europe, Asia, and America.

Ha Giang has zoned off 20,500 ha to plant tea, of which nearly 18,300 ha are ready for harvest with an estimated annual output of some 94,000 tons.

Not only being the second largest tea growing province in Vietnam, Ha Giang is also the locality with the biggest number of ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees. For local people, the ancient trees hold a strong sentiment in their heart. They are proud of the trees, considering them as an indispensable part of their culture. Therefore, the work of protecting and preserving the trees is always paid with due attention by the local authorities and residents./.