Appeal trial held for former officials of Thai Son Corporation hinh anh 1Dinh Ngoc He at the court (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The Central Military Court on October 30 began to hear appeals of Dinh Ngoc He, alias “Ut troc,” and other defendants involving in law violations at Thai Son Corporation under the Defence Ministry.

At a trial on July 31, 2018, the military court of Military Zone 7 gave Ngoc He, former Deputy Director of Thai Son Corporation, jail sentences of ten years for “abusing position and power while performing official duties”, and another two years for “using falsified documents of agencies and organisations.”

Also with the charge of “abusing position and power while performing official duties,” Tran Van Lam, former Director General of Thai Son Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (Thai Son JSC); Tran Xuan Son, former director of Binh Duong branch of Thai Son JSC; and Bui Van Tiep, former commander of Division 367 of the Air Defence-Air Force Service, were given sentences of five years behind bars, 18 months’ probation and 24 months’ probation, respectively. Son was freed right at the trial.

Phung Danh Tham, former Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of Thai Son Corporation, got a 24- month non-custody sentence for “lack of responsibility causing serious consequences.”

 The defendants were also ordered to compensate the State 1.4 billion VND (60,200 USD).

The court concluded that Ngoc He was honoured with orders and medals during the period he was using falsified documents to cheat agencies and organisations.

Ngoc He was determined as the mastermind behind the case as he instructed the illegal use of military transport vehicles and those wearing official number plates, and the officialisation of the trade of low-quality oil and gas. 

He was found to have asked Lam to sign contracts to mortgage the vehicles at credit establishments to get loans. 

The court also found that Tiep and Son supported Ngoc He and Lam to officialise the documents related to the substandard oil, and Tham, as General Director of Thai Son Corporation, showed lax management of Thai Son JSC and his subordinates. 

At the appeal trial, Ngoc He asked the judge to review the verdict issued by the first-instance court while Tham and Lam asked for reduced sentences.

The hearing will continue until October 31.-VNA