Argentineans praise Vietnam’s revolutionary achievements hinh anh 1Oscar Leguizamón praised Vietnam’s revolutionary achievements (Photo:VNA)

 A talk on Vietnam was organised in Buenos Aires on October 2, during which Oscar Leguizamón, General Secretary of the Argentina Front for Victory chapter in the city, praised Vietnam’s revolutionary achievements, saying that Vietnam is a model of all eras.

He briefed participants on Vietnamese people’s struggles against French colonialists, Japanese fascists, and US imperialists to safeguard the country, affirming that their courage and unity was a decisive factor to the success of revolution.

Sharing Leguizamón’s opinion, President of the Argentina-Vietnam Cultural Institute (AVCI) Poldi Sosa attributed the victory to the unity and the sense of organisation and discipline of Vietnamese people.

Renee Girardi, an AVCI member, delivered a speech on the revolutionary cause of General Vo Nguyen Giap, a prominent student of President Ho Chi Minh and the first Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnam People’s Army, who contributed importantly to the triumph of the Dien Bien Phu campaign defeating the French force.

On this occasion, participants watched a documentary on devastating consequences of the anti-US war, and the multilingual clip “Welcome to Vietnam” produced by the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry which highlights the country’s beautiful landscapes, unique culture and 30-year reform achievements.-VNA