Art programme held in honour of Hung Kings hinh anh 1At the art programme “Sacred roots - the Ancestral Lands of Hung Kings” (Photo: VNA)

Phu Tho (VNA) - The art programme “Sacred roots - the Ancestral Lands of Hung Kings” featured a kaleidoscope of stellar performances at Van Lang park, Viet Tri city, the northern midland province of Phu Tho on April 20 in commemoration of the Hung Kings, who were believed to be the founders of the Vietnamese country.

Beginning with the songs “Cong duc Vua Hung” (Hung Kings’ merits), “Linh thieng mot coi tien rong” (the sacred fairy land) and “Loi ru Au Lac” (Au Lac lullaby), the programme featured the images of the Dragon Father and Fairy Mother as in the legends, Vietnamese life from the early days, spring festivals, the worship of the Hung Kings, and the Hung Kings Temple Festival.

Particularly, Xoan singing, a UNESCO-recognised intangible cultural heritage of humanity, was performed at the programme.

A collection of Ao Dai (traditional long dress) by designer Tran Thi Thoa impressed the audience with elegant patterns that tell stories of the Con rong chau tien (Offspring of the Holy Dragon and Fairy Bird) legend. It was expected to make contributions to affirming the value of the traditional garment as well as popularising Phu Tho province’s tourism and heritage.

The art programme was followed by a high-altitude firework display to celebrate the Hung Kings Temple Festival 2021.

Art programme held in honour of Hung Kings hinh anh 2An incense offering ceremony to the National Mother Au Co (Photo: VNA)

According to Vietnamese legend, Lac Long Quan, the son of Kinh Duong Vuong, married Au Co, the daughter of King De Lai. Au Co then gave birth to a sack containing 100 eggs from which 100 children were born. 

The couple then decided to separate in order to populate the land. Half of the children followed their mother to the highlands, while the rest went with their father to the sea.

The first child went with his mother Au Co to Phong Chau, now Phu Tho province. He then became the first Hung King and founded Van Lang, the first recorded state in the history of Vietnam.

Ruling the country for 18 generations, the Hung Kings taught the people how to grow wet rice. They chose Nghia Linh Mountain, the highest in the region, to perform rituals devoted to rice and sun deities to pray for lush crops.

The annual Hung Kings Memorial Festival or Hung Kings Temple Festival falls on the 10th day of the third lunar month./.