The 13th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting (TELMIN 13) closed in Singapore on Nov. 15 after two working days with the adoption of the Singapore Declaration.

At the media conference held immediately after the closing ceremony, Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information of Singapore, said that one of the two key highlights of TELMIN 13 is the Singapore Declaration.

“It is a statement of intent for TELMIN to continue the strong implementation of the AIM2015, to focus our efforts on common issues of interests, and to start the development of a post-2015 ICT vision for ASEAN. It is our hope that the Declaration will help provide a strong base of ICT cooperation in ASE AN,” the Singaporean minister said.

The Singapore Declaration, entitled “Connecting Communities, Co-creating Possibilities”, reiterates ASEAN’s commitments to promote ICT-driven economic transformation through people engagement, empowerment and innovation that are built on infrastructure development, human capital development, and bridging the Digital Divide efforts. It maps out the priority actions in the implementation of the AIM 2015, acknowledging that ICT is an enabler for ASEAN economic and social development and integration.

According to the Singaporean Minister, TELMIN 13 completed the Mid-Term Review of the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 or AIM2015. The AIM2015 is a key guiding document to enhance regional ICT cooperation and to make ICT a key engine of growth and enabler of regional economic integration.

Since the launch of the AIM2015 in January 2011, as many as 60 projects were undertaken by ASEAN TELMIN. These projects range from capacity building and training workshops to development of regional frameworks for cooperation and coordination in areas such as electronic government, cyber security and policy and regulations.
In the framework of TELMIN 13, the ASEAN Ministers also held separate dialogues with their counterparts from China , Japan and the Republic of Korea as well as the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The Sinagporean Minister for Communications and Information of Singapore, on behalf of all the 10 ASEAN member countries, signed with the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between ASEAN and China on cooperation in information and communications technology,

The MOU will focus on ASEAN and China cooperation in a wide range of areas such as promoting industry, human resource and infrastructure development, cooperation on new technologies as well as information exchange.

The Ministers agreed to convene the 14th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting and its meetings with dialogue and development partners in Thailand in 2014.-VNA