Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Surin Pitsuwan said on May 4 that all parties must help countries trapped in conflicts as conflicts could engulf the whole region.

Pitsuwan delivered the statement at a ceremony held to launch the World Development Report 2011 themed "Conflict, Security and Development" by the World Bank (WB) at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta , Indonesia .

"All of us have interests in recovering, in helping those societies back to on their feet. That's because any conflicts, insecurity anywhere will spill over to neighboring countries and certainly engulfing the entire region," Pitsuwan was quoted by China ’s Xinhua News Agency as saying.

The bloc’s chief also cited a statement of WB President Robert Zoellick, saying a civil conflict cost average developing country roughly 30 years of GDP growth, and that finding effective ways to help societies escape new outbursts or repeated cycles of violence is critical for global security and development.

According to the ASEAN Secretary General, Zoellick hoped that the report could be a roadmap for global community to work together to tame the conflicts, to contain violence and to avoid conflict to repeat./.