The ASEAN’s Circle Noodle Festival hosted by the ASEAN Women’s Club (AWC) took place on June 7 in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the 2013 exchange programme among women of ASEAN and its six dialogue partners.

Attending the event were ASEAN ambassadors, their spouses and the spouses of diplomatic officials from six of ASEAN’s dialogue partners including China , the Republic of Korea , Japan , Australia , New Zealand and the United States .

As many as 27 kinds of traditional noodles from ASEAN member countries were on show. The total sum raised at the festival , estimated to be about 5,000 USD, will be used for AWC’s humanitarian operations in remote parts of Indonesia.

Vietnamese beef and chicken noodles introduced at the festival received high praise from participants.

AWC, founded on August 8, 1975, operates as a social organisation and aims to enhance friendship and solidarity, as well as boost cooperation in the region.-VNA