The Hanoi chapter of the Vietnam - France Friendship Association (VFFA) held its fourth congress on July 11 in the capital city.

Over 100 delegates from 21 branches of the chapter re-elected Professor Nguyen Tai Thu, the sitting President of the Vietnam Relief Association for Handicapped Children.

Over the past few years, the chapter and its branches have carried out numerous activities to foster Vietnamese-French relations, such as organising a cultural festival of peace; a music festival for peace and friendship; a competition entitled ‘Hanoi-your destination’ on Thang Long-Hanoi and a number of conferences on culture and architecture.

They have made a significant contribution to diplomatic activities and involved in teacher exchanges as well as organising home-stay programmes for high school pupils. The chapter also runs acupuncture classes at the National Institute of Acupuncture for French doctors and takes in trainees on a regular basis.

During this tenure, the chapter will continue to make full use of its experience and organise more diverse and practical activities to expand cooperation between Vietnam and France in every field, particularly economics, trade, tourism and information sharing.

It will also step up humanitarian and charitable activities while promoting activities that boost Vietnamese-French relations.-VNA