The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) on Nov. 25 announced a donation of 500,000 AUD to help flood victims in Mekong delta provinces of Vietnam.

The funds will be channelled to the Vietnam Red Cross Association to help 10,000 households in An Giang, Dong Thap and Long An to overcome the aftermath of floods.

In the next few days, floods victims will be provided with essential household utensils, canvas tents, safe water and water jars, as well as information on prevention of infection diseases and improvement of health.

People in the region will be given loans to buy fishing nets and boats, and build storm-proof houses and hygienic toilets.

Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Allaster Cox affirmed that Australia wants to help people in Mekong delta to rapidly overcome the devastation of floods and highly appreciated the role of the Vietnam Red Cross Association’s activities in flooded areas.

Since late September, flood hit seven Mekong delta provinces of Vietnam , causing great losses in live and property.

According to the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control, by mid-November, floods damaged 153,744 houses and over 1,000 schools, killing 85 people, including 72 children, and damaging 10,861 ha of rice./.