Australia has shown its attention of pushing up relations with Myanmar, the untapped natural resources-rich country in Southeast Asia.

The move was demonstrated via the ongoing visit by Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to Myanmar where he held talks with top officials of the host country on July 10.

During talks with President U Thein Sein in the capital Naypyidaw, host and guest discussed measures aimed at boosting investment, trade and aid as well as efforts to end ethnic conflicts in Myanmar.

In addition, the two sides put the gravity of discussion on ways to raise living standards of Myanmar’s people.

Canberra plans to lift its development aid for Myanmar to about 90 million USD by 2015, more than double its 2012 level, targeting education in the benefiting country.

Australia also announced that it would ease restrictions on defence cooperation and appoint a new defence attaché in Myanmar .

On July 11, Foreign Minister Carr is scheduled to visit the commercial hub Yangon where he will discuss efforts to preserve the city's historic architecture before wrapping his visit up.

This is the second visit by Carr to Myanmar since June, 2012. In the previous visit, the government of Australia announced the removal of its sanctions on tourism and finance against Myanmar , but said its arms embargo would remain.-VNA