Bac Ninh trade villages face major pollution hinh anh 1Pollution caused by rubbish in Da Hoi village in Bac Ninh province. (Photo: 

Bac Ninh (VNA)
Pollution caused by different trade villages in the northern province of Bac Ninh are adversely affecting local residents’ health and the economic development, according to a new study.

The latest  survey conducted by the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment on environmental pollution revealed that the province is suffering from alarming levels of air, water, noise and soil pollution.

A report by the Chau Khe Ward People’s Committee showed that the ward had more than 1,700 enterprises. In the Da Hoi trade village alone, over 900 enterprises produce steel with an output of nearly 1,000 tonnes per day.

The Da Hoi trade village has attracted some 5,000 to 7,000 workers, half from other provinces. Their average income is more than 7 million VND (300 USD) per month.

However, after 10 years of development, the deafening noise pollution from the nearly 1,000 foundries, the dark smoke they produce and the smell of burning - mixed with the smell of chemical substances and dust from coal, steel and other metals - are taking their toll.

Chau Khe ward has also been hit by pollution, especially water pollution. According to the report of  the department, the Chau Khe steel and iron trade village uses about 40,000 tonnes of coal and wood per day. It discharges 18,000cu.m of waste water, 150 tonnes of industrial waste and about one tonne of daily waste per day.

The waste is not treated, causing air, water and land pollution and affecting nearly 4,000 local households.

Other trade villages in the province, such as the Phong Khe paper trade village and Dai Bai bronze casting trade village, have also generated harmful noise, dust, waste water and other substances seriously affecting people’s health.

Bac Ninh province has conducted different environmental protection projects and programmes, such as setting up waste water systems in the Dai Lam liquor brewing trade village and the Phong Khe paper trade village, in Bac Ninh city and in Tu Son town.

However, all of the measures have not been proven effective.

One of the main reasons is the low awareness of the need for environmental protection among firms and individuals in the province’s 63 trade villages, and lax enforcement, according to the department.-VNA