In the heart of Binh Dinh province lays the An Thai craft village, renowned for making its dried noodles. This precious craft has been passed down from generation to generation, helping to improve the living conditions of local people.

Thai An village’s dried noodles and range of cakes have been well-known among the central regions of Vietnam for their delectable tastes. Their noodles are made from high-quality rice with zero additives. Traders from Ca Mau to Da Nang are drawn to this noodle hotspot. With reasonable prices starting from 14,000 VND per kg of dried noodle, it has won the hearts of people far and wide.

There are about 52 households making rice paper and 18 households making dried noodles in the locality. During the Lunar New Year season, Thai An craft village solved its problem of an  abundant source of workers, with earnings of up to 200,000 VND per day, and each household making around 1 million VND a day.

In 2018, Nhon Phuc commune dedicated 2.6 hectares of land for dried noodle processing and registered the An Thai dried noodle brand. With upgraded infrastructure and an increase in capital, the Thai An craft village earned over 5.5 million USD in handicraft production value last year, up 25 percent against 2017.

In the near future, An Thai craft village will intensify efforts in ecotourism to provide unique travel experiences in a bid to further develop the craft village’s image to both domestic and foreign tourists./.