Traditional handicraft villages in Binh Duong province has great development potential and holds significant role in the growth of the provincial tourism sector, said the Binh Duong online on April 2.

According to the newspaper, to create high effects of traditional handicraft villages, support from all sides should be necessary.

The quality of tourism staffs has contributed to low tourism services.

Surveys showed that the ecology and traditional handicraft villages were limited to their potentials which should only be solved by providing investment into infra-constructions and pollution treatments.

Handicraft products and traditional handicraft villages linked to tourism development have been prioritised to be offered with funding for HR training and encouragement of local craftsmen.

Handicraft villages should be supported with funds and organise fairs to sell out their products.

As those necessary steps are taken, breakthroughs of new rural area shall be effective.

Dr. Phitak Siriwong from Silpakorn University (Thailand) said: “The products from handicraft villages shall be refined to attract more tourists which in turn helps the village to restore and develop.”

Aside from tourism aspects including culture, festival, site touring, handicraft villages in Binh Duong province have gradually known by visitors. However, to promote such potentials, it is necessary that more public awareness should be promoted.

Over the past time, provincial tourism sector has made some active notions for simulating the growth by festival organisation and documentary film making to introduce products and tourism services of the province.

Vietnamese Pottery Festival 2010 was firstly held in Binh Duong province. Movies and films have been made to broadcast images of Binh Duong including the handicraft villages. Exhibitions and fairs have been organised to introduce products from handicraft villages.

For the time to come, provincial tourism sector shall coordinate with tourist companies in the province to organise surveys and idea collection regarding tours to traditional handicraft villages.

At recent workshop on “Handicraft villages and development – Binh Duong experience”, Dr. Ong Sen Huat, an expert in tourism management of Malaya University from Malaysia highly evaluated the efforts of local tourism sector in restoring traditional handicraft villages.

He added that image broadcasting holds vital role in developing tourism linked to traditional handicraft villages.-VNA