Binh Phuoc releases rare animals back into the wild hinh anh 1Red-faced monkey after being released back into the wild. (Photo: VNA)
Binh Phuoc (VNA) – The animal rescue, conservation and development centre at the Bu Gia Map National Park has cooperated with the park's forest ranger force and the Bu Gia Map - Phuoc Long Forest Protection Department to release six animals to their natural habitat.

Accordingly, two buff-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus annamensis), one otter, two northern pig-tailed macaques (macaca leonina) and one red-faced monkey were released back into the wild. Among them, one pig-tailed macaque was released for the second time. It was kept in captivity since very young, and has lost most of its wild instincts.

The centre said these animals were handed over by local people and were cared for by the Center in a semi-wild environment for the past several months. After their release, the centre will continue to monitor them.

Buff-cheeked gibbon, pig-tailed macaque, red-faced monkey, and otter have been included in the Vietnam Red Book 2000 and the list of species that need protection by the forestry sector./.