The programme "Research on Development and Application of Biotechnology" (Ministry of Science and Technology) and the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) on September 27 co-organised the National Workshop on Biotechnology.

It offered biologists nationwide a chance to share their research, and allowed managers and researchers to review the achievements in biotechnology over the past five years.

Addressing the event, Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan said biotechnology has practically contributed to improving the quality of scientific and technological advances in agriculture, health care and the environment.

Much research in biotechnology is highly relevant and can be widely disseminated in life, he added.

According to the minister, biotechnology is developing quickly in the right direction in Vietnam, but faces many difficulties and challenges ahead.

Vietnam’s population of nearly 90 million, with over 70 percent in the agricultural sector, diverse ecosystems and hard-working people will help Vietnam develop biotechnology, he said.

Minister Quan said he hopes the workshop will contribute significant and practical scientific research to national development./.