A book on the cuisine of the Cham people by young poet Kieu Maily was officially released in HCM City.

The 184-page book, Doc Dao Am Thuc Cham (Unique Cham Cuisine), features Cham culinary techniques that have been transfered from older to younger generations for many years.

Cham's popular dishes such as muthin ritong (rice served with fish), lithei jrau (rice mixed with meat and vegetables), abu mutham (gruel served with fish and traditional vegetables), kari cam murong (curry served with chicken or beef), and ruou (liquid made from rice), are highlighted in the book.

The Cham people are an ethnic minority group, those mostly live in Phan Thiet City , An Giang Province and HCM City . They are remnants of the Kingdom of Champa from the seventh to the 15th centuries.

Published by the Phuong Nam Publishing House and HCM City Arts and Literature Publishing House, the book also includes 106 colour photos to display 96 dishes.-VNA