The second volume of the “Primates in Fragments” book was introduced to Vietnamese readers on August 10, on the occasion of the country’s hosting of the 25th Congress of the International Primatological Society from August 11-16.

The volume is contributed by 104 authors from 23 countries, and comprises seven sections with 34 chapters. New to this volume are the long-term and regional studies, and sections on endemic, endangered and nocturnal species.

Associate Professor, Doctor Le Xuan Canh from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, one among the authors, said that in the last 10 years, many researchers have conducted studies on primates in disturbed habitats, through which they affirm the fragmentation of landscapes is the main reason for the extinction of primates.

Canh described the book as a valuable document contributing to conserving this species.

The biennial International Primatological Society Congress, held in Vietnam this year, is expected to help increase the position of the country in the conservation of the nature in general and primates in particular, as well as offer a chance for the country to promote the image of its land and people.-VNA